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What is this Blog for? And how to register.

admin Posted 2 years agoMembers
Blogs are intended to be instructional, educational or for communicating ideas/thoughts. This one is for the use of SNIBC members to share bowls related thoughts for the benefit of fellow readers.

So, to start the bowl rolling so to speak, let’s discuss what you need to do to enable you to participate.

Firstly you’ll need to register and this has proved to be a little challenging, but we now think we’ve got to the bottom of the issues that make it so, so now it should be easy!

To the right of the PHP-Fusion home page, you’ll see a panel for logging in and just below the login fields you’ll see a link to register...’Not a member yet? Click here’. So, do just that.

You will be redirected to a registration page, which will ask you a really stupid question, just to prove that you are human. If asked to give your answer in words, note that you need to leave out spaces between them, eg. twentythree. If the page reappears you got the answer wrong, so you may not be human or at least, not a very clever one!

If you manage by some fluke to pass this test you’ll need to provide a username eg. Fred Blogger or FreddieB or your nickname. Then provide an email address and a password. The password will need to be at least 8 characters and best if a mix of upper/lower case and numbers/symbols, but something you will remember (or just write it down!) Worth noting that if you login on an iPad for example it might try to capitalise the first characters, so not a bad idea to do that anyway. Try to resist using your bank account password!

And that’s all there is to it. Almost! You now have to check your emails and you should (if you typed it correctly) receive an email with a link to confirm who you think you are. And this is where there have been minor difficulties, because the link (especially on an iPad) appears to be split in two. So, either copy and paste the entire link into your browser, or click/ touch the last section (after ...register.php). This should then redirect you to the home page of PHP-Fusion where, as it says, you can now log in. If you are instead taken to the registration page again, you’ve done it incorrectly, probably clicking on the first section of the confirmation link. Remember to check that the login details are as you supplied them and that your iPad hasn’t capitalised the first characters, it’s not very forgiving...it might be better if you were a robot.

And that really is all there is to it. We hope this works for you and look forward to your incredibly useful and informative contributions in the future.

Best wishes

The SNIBC admin team


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